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Information security policies are the cornerstone of information security within your organization.... or at least they SHOULD be! As such, it is well worth considering a few questions with respect to their quality and their implementation:

This web site is intended to help you ensure that you can answer these questions positively. It provides expert guidance and provides solutions to ensure that you not only have a quality set of policies, but that they are delivered effectively and professionally to all concerned via a unique set of tools.




The first issue is of course the content and structure of the policies: Are they complete? Are they fully up to date? Do they actually reflect your needs (present and future)?

Fortunately, you can now obtain a comprehensive and up to date set of information security policies off the shelf. These can also be tailored and edited to meet your specific or individual needs, and are shipped in various formats.

Having a set of quality security policies is the first big step... but the next challenge to consider is how to distributed and deploy them.

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The most direct method of security policy deployment is through the users desktop. This carries many benefits, including:

  • Instant availability
  • Familiar navigation interface.. using Windows, simple search facilities, etc
  • The potential to use the power of a PC to make the experience richer and more
SOS (Security Online Support) embraces all these benefits and is designed specifically to ensure efficient delivery of security policies. It also includes the actual policies described in the last segment... and brings the policies to life!.

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Behind every set of quality security policies is a dedicated security professional supporting them. This is of course an extremely demanding role.

Because, like any other profession, the role is made easier via the provision of the right supporting tools, we are pleased to provide a unique product: The Information Security Officers Online Manual.

This provides comprehensive quality support.... containing a wealth of useful information and guidence.

Again, we are pleased to offer a downloadable trial copy.... with full confidence that you will find it to be an invaluable aid to fulfil your responsibilities.

Information Security Officers Interactive Manual - Download      Information Security Officers Interactive Manual - Download


  • This online presentation gives a detailed overview of this unique offering.
  • A comprehensive set of top quality information security policies can be downloaded for evaluation from here
  • To see how your policies can be brought to life download the evaluation version of SOS (Security Online Support)
  • An evaluation/demo copy of the Information Security Officers Manual can be downloaded from here

We hope that this information has been of significant use. If you need any further assistance, or have any comments on this web site, please do not hesitate to contact us



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