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An internal audit can be a very difficult undertaking. The growing complexity of information systems requires an extremely comprehensive and detailed audit program. However, by it is now widely accepted that audit security software can make your internal audit exercise much more manageable.



A computer audit must embrace a variety of requirements. Consideration of risk is of growing importance, but fundamental to the whole internal audit program is compliance with the audit checklist and of course the organization's information security policies.

COBRA is an established audit security software product, designed to cater for all these information security audit related demands. Through the COBRA Module Manager component, it is a simple task to integrate your existing security policies and/or audit checklist into the COBRA knowledge base. Many organizations create whole new COBRA knowledge bases, comprising exclusively of their own information security policies.

Another common trend is the integration of an external standard or policy into the computer audit exercise, such as BS7799/ISO17799. Again, this is made more straightforward with COBRA.

The following sites detail the use of COBRA in varying internal audit type situations. If, however, you need further assistance or advice, please contact us.

Using COBRA for audit against your own policies/checklists, or devolving COBRA for self compliance and management.

The start page for the COBRA risk analysis method.

Auditing against BS7799/ISO17799 and using COBRA for compliance with this standard.


Security audit software can indeed make auditing an easier proposition. It can save time and effort, as well as ensuring greater accuracy and consistency. To enable you to view the capabilities of COBRA, we are therefore pleased to make it available for a 15 day trial: 


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