Risk Analysis



The first step in a sensible business continuity process is to consider the potential impacts of each type of disaster or event. This is critical - how can you properly plan for a disaster if you have little idea of the likely impacts on your business/organization of the different scenarios?

Having determined the impacts, it is now equally important to consider the magnitude of the risks which could result in these impacts. Again, this is a critical activity - it will determine which scenarios are most likely to occur and which should attract most attention during the planning process.

Fortunately, a method has emerged to simplify these tasks. The COBRA methodology and tool was launched in the early nineties, and has since evolved into a fully comprehensive solution for all these needs.

The web sites below provide significant detail on the use of COBRA for both BIA and risk analysis: 

An Introduction to Risk Analysis

This site provides a theoretical introduction to the topic of risk analysis itself and introduces the COBRA method in this context

COBRA & Risk Analysis

This site explains the advantages of using the COBRA approach in relation to older methodologies




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